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Flatbed Trucking Companies has extensive trucking knowledge and our drivers are highly trained. They understand the transportation industry and the importance of a positive attitude when loading or unloading.....

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Flatbed Trailer Specs
Flatbed Trucking Companies has a wide variety of flatbed trailers available to handle your flatbed freight.

Welcome to Flatbed Trucking Companies

Flatbed Trucking Companies is a Flatbed Trucking Company that services the United States and Canada in both full flatbed trucking (FTL) and flatbed ltl (LTL – less than load). We offer a full range of flatbed trucking services with over 40 years of cargo transport experience with flatbed carriers. Our flatbed freight team has the experience you can depend on for truckload and ltl transport for interstate trucking as well as intrastate trucking. Flatbed Trucking Companies works hard to ensure your freight is delivered safe and consistently on time. We are focused to continually improving our service in ways to that work more efficiently with our customers.
Our on time ratio is at 98.97% for the United States and 96.79% for Canada.

We offer a full variety of equipment and can provide you with the right flatbed to get the job done the first time.

Whether you’re shipping heavy equipment, military vehicles or just need a container dray from the port, we will assist you from beginning to end.

Flatbed Truck

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